Thursday, 10 September 2009

Ecology, Sociology and Psychology…2009

Ecology, Sociology and Psychology…2009 -

The year of clean Tondoba

The ideology of Tondoba bay is being an eco friendly project, we are calling for all users and operators to help us honor the concept and preserve Tondoba so that by the end of 2008 we can celebrate the role model we all aspire to be, a Tondoba eco protector.

We have already managed in tackling several issues such as rubbish collection, God bless Hepca, who opened a factory for recycling in Marsa Alam and sent their cars daily for collection (what a liberty…)>My favorite resolved issue is dog poisoning, for the last month no more cases have been reported and hopefully there will be no more dog poisoning incidents in Tondoba.

I would like to thank Dina Zulfikar and AWARE group for their support and guidance.

And the Man of the year and every Year is Dr Mohamed El Helw (Lamy) our dear friend who sends us a very generous donation of kid’s medical supplies for the Ababda babies when I relayed to him that the doctor in the Deco chamber was missing some vitamins, milk and medicine for the local kids and their mothers.

We would like to salute Lamy for his humane prompt reaction and generosity as he refuses to be compensated for the massive bills of medicine………



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