Monday, 29 November 2010

Egypt got character

Festival of the Egyptian Character

The last weekend in October, for the 3rd year on the row I take a couple of days off rent a big bus get Deep South guests and drive to Wadi Gimal to attend the annual characters of Egypt festival

On our way you feel the air in the bus filled with excitement anticipation and great expectation

For Deep South crew and me we got the feeling of kids going to wonderland

Although we go to Wadi gimal regularly with our guests to experience the unique eco adventure in their regular trips

But now it s the festival time Halleloyyya

Why I love it there

- Meeting my good friends from Sinai

- Getting to know more about western desert

- Party with the Nubian tribes

- Camel race between Sinai and the eastern desert feels like Champions league though

- Shopping amazing stuff from different cultures and heritage all over Egypt

- Meeting new characters to me from all over the globe

- Enhancing my senses and soul by the energy spread in the place from it s guests and staff

- And for sure every year Walid and crew never fail to surprise us with new creative ideas eco touristicly friendly

Till we meet next year….

Text by : Karim Noor

Photo by: Niklas Funk

Colona divers

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